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Google Cloud Platform

QuickStart with Container-optimized Google Compute Engine images

  1. Go to Google Cloud Console and create a new Cloud Project with Compute Engine enabled

  2. Download and configure the Google Cloud SDK to use your project with the following commands:

    $ curl -sSL | bash
    $ gcloud auth login
    $ gcloud config set project <google-cloud-project-id>
  3. Start a new instance using the latest Container-optimized image: (select a zone close to you and the desired instance size)

    $ gcloud compute instances create docker-playground \
      --image container-vm \
      --zone us-central1-a \
      --machine-type f1-micro
  4. Connect to the instance using SSH:

    $ gcloud compute ssh --zone us-central1-a docker-playground
    docker-playground:~$ sudo docker run hello-world

    Hello from Docker. This message shows that your installation appears to be working correctly. …

Read more about deploying Containers on Google Cloud Platform.

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