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Welcome Friends to the Docker Docs!

Docker Engine or “Docker” creates and runs Docker containers. Install Docker on Ubuntu, Mac OS X, or Windows. Or use the Install menu to choose from others.

Kitematic is the desktop GUI for Docker. Install Kitematic.

Docker Hub is our hosted registry service for managing your images. There is nothing to install. You just sign up!

Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) supplies a private dedicated image registry. To learn about DTR for your team, see the overview.

Docker Machine automates container provisioning on your network or in the cloud. Install machine on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Docker Swarm is used to host clustering and container scheduling. Deploy your own “swarm” today in just a few short steps.

Docker Compose defines multi-container applications. You can install Docker Compose on Ubuntu, Mac OS X, and other systems.

Docker Registry provides open source Docker image distribution. See the registry deployment documentation for more information.

You may notice the docs look different

You also may find a few broken links or other wonkiness. We are working on fixing these things. We appreciate your patience while we go through our growing pains.

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