Early Access

Docker Admin is an early access product.

It's currently available to all company owners and organization owners that have a Docker Business or Docker Team subscription. You can still manage companies and organizations in Docker Hub. For details about managing companies or organizations in Docker Hub, see Administration and security.

A company provides a single point of visibility across multiple organizations. This view simplifies the management of Docker organizations and settings. It's available to Docker Business subscribers.

The following diagram depicts the setup of a company and how it relates to associated organizations.


Key features

With a company, administrators can:

  • View and manage all nested organizations and configure settings centrally.
  • Carefully control access to the company and company settings.
  • Have up to ten unique users assigned the company owner role without occupying a purchased seat.
  • Configure SSO and SCIM for all nested organizations.
  • Enforce SSO for all users in the company.

To create a company, see Create a company.

Learn how to administer a company using Docker Admin in the following sections.