Convert an account into an organization

You can convert an existing user account to an organization. This is useful if you need multiple users to access your account and the repositories that it’s connected to. Converting it to an organization gives you better control over permissions for these users through teams and roles.

When you convert a user account to an organization, the account is migrated to a Docker Team plan.


Once you convert your account to an organization, you can’t revert it to a user account.


Before you convert a user account to an organization, ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  • The user account that you want to convert must not be a member of a company or any teams or organizations. You must remove the account from all teams, organizations, or the company.

    To do this:

    1. Navigate to Organizations and then select the organization(s) you need to leave.
    2. Find your username in the Members tab.
    3. Select the More options menu and then select Leave organization.

    If the user account is the sole owner of any organization or company, assign another user the owner role and then remove yourself from the organization or company.

  • You must have a separate Docker ID ready to assign as the owner of the organization during conversion.

    If you want to convert your user account into an organization account and you don't have any other user accounts, you need to create a new user account to assign it as the owner of the new organization. With the owner role assigned, this user account has full administrative access to configure and manage the organization. You can assign more users the owner role after the conversion.

Effects of converting an account into an organization

Consider the following effects of converting your account:

  • This process removes the email address for the account, and organization owners will receive notification emails instead. You'll be able to reuse the removed email address for another account after converting.

  • The current plan will cancel and your new subscription will start.

  • Repository namespaces and names won't change, but converting your account removes any repository collaborators. Once you convert the account, you'll need to add those users as team members.

  • Existing automated builds will appear as if they were set up by the first owner added to the organization. See Convert an account into an organization for steps on adding the first owner.

  • The user account that you add as the first owner will have full administrative access to configure and manage the organization.

Convert an account into an organization

  1. Ensure you have removed your user account from any company or teams or organizations. Also make sure that you have a new Docker ID before you convert an account. See the Prerequisites section for details.

  2. In the top-right of Docker Hub, select your account name and then from the drop-down menu, select My Account.

  3. From the Convert Account tab, select Convert to Organization.

  4. Review the warning displayed about converting a user account. This action cannot be undone and has considerable implications for your assets and the account.

  5. Enter a Docker ID to set an organization owner. This is the user account that will manage the organization, and the only way to access the organization settings after conversion. You cannot use the same Docker ID as the account you are trying to convert.

  6. Select Convert and Purchase to confirm. The new owner receives a notification email. Use that owner account to sign in to your new organization.