Organization administration overview

An organization in Docker is a collection of teams and repositories that can be managed together. A team is a group of Docker members that belong to an organization. An organization can have multiple teams. Members don't have to be added to a team to be part of an organization.

Docker users become members of an organization once they're associated with that organization by an organization owner. An organization owner is a user with administrative access to the organization.

Owners can invite users, assign them roles, create new teams, and add members to an existing team using their Docker ID or email address. An organization owner can also add additional owners to help them manage users, teams, and repositories in the organization.

The following diagram depicts the setup of an organization and how it relates to teams. Teams are an optional feature that owners can use to group members and assign permissions.


To create an organization, see Create your organization.

Learn how to administer an organization in the following sections.