Create and manage a team

You can manage teams for your organization in Docker Hub.

A team is a group of Docker users that belong to an organization. An organization can have multiple teams. An organization owner can then create new teams and add members to an existing team using their Docker ID or email address and by selecting a team the user should be part of. Members aren't required to be part of a team to be associated with an organization.

The organization owner can add additional organization owners to help them manage users, teams, and repositories in the organization by assigning them the owner role.

Create a team

  1. Go to Organizations in Docker Hub, and select your organization.
  2. Select the Teams tab and then select Create Team.
  3. Fill out your team's information and select Create.
  4. Add members to your team

Organization owner

An organization owner is an administrator who is responsible to manage repositories and add team members to the organization. They have full access to private repositories, all teams, billing information, and org settings. An org owner can also specify permissions for each team in the organization. Only an org owner can enable SSO for the organization. When SSO is enabled for your organization, the org owner can also manage users. Docker can auto-provision Docker IDs for new end-users or users who'd like to have a separate Docker ID for company use through SSO enforcement.

The org owner can also add additional org owners to help them manage users, teams, and repositories in the organization.

Configure repository permissions for a team

Organization owners can configure repository permissions on a per-team basis. For example, you can specify that all teams within an organization have "Read and Write" access to repositories A and B, whereas only specific teams have "Admin" access. Note that org owners have full administrative access to all repositories within the organization.

To give a team access to a repository

  1. Navigate to Organizations in Docker Hub, and select your organization.

  2. Select the Teams tab and select the team that you'd like to configure repository access to.

  3. Select the Permissions tab and select a repository from the Repository drop-down.

  4. Choose a permission from the Permissions drop-down list and select Add.

    Team Repo Permissions

Organization owners can also assign members the editor role to grant partial administrative access. See Roles and permissions for more about the editor role.

Permissions reference

  • Read-only access lets users view, search, and pull a private repository in the same way as they can a public repository.
  • Read & Write access lets users pull, push, and view a repository. In addition, it lets users view, cancel, retry or trigger builds
  • Admin access lets users pull, push, view, edit, and delete a repository. You can also edit build settings, and update the repositories description, collaborators rights, public/private visibility, and delete.

Permissions are cumulative. For example, if you have "Read & Write" permissions, you automatically have "Read-only" permissions:

ActionRead-onlyRead & WriteAdmin
Pull a Repository
View a Repository
Push a Repository
Edit a Repository
Delete a Repository
Update a Repository Description
View Builds
Cancel Builds
Retry Builds
Trigger Builds
Edit Build Settings


A user who hasn't verified their email address only has Read-only access to the repository, regardless of the rights their team membership has given them.

View a team's permissions for all repositories

To view a team's permissions across all repositories:

  1. Open Organizations > Your Organization > Teams > Team Name.
  2. Select the Permissions tab, where you can view the repositories this team can access.


You can also check out the following videos for information about creating Teams and Organizations in Docker Hub.