Docker Cloud Events

Docker Cloud Event


    "type": "action",
    "action": "update",
    "parents": [
    "resource_uri": "/api/app/v1/user_namespace/action/49f0efe8-a704-4a10-b02f-f96344fabadd/",
    "state": "Success",
    "uuid": "093ba3bb-08dd-48f0-8f12-4d3b85ef85b3",
    "datetime": "2016-02-01T16:47:28Z"

Docker Cloud events are generated every time any of the following objects is created or changes state:

This is a namespaced endpoint.


Attribute Description
type Type of object that was created or updated. For possible values, check the events types table below.
action Type of action that was executed on the object. Posible values: create, update or delete
parents List of resource URIs (REST API) of the parents of the object, according to the “Parent-child hierarchy” table below
resource_uri Resource URI (REST API) of the object that was created or updated. You can do a GET operation on this URL to fetch its details
state The current state of the object
uuid Unique identifier for the event
datetime Date and time of the event in ISO 8601 format

Event types

Type Description
stack Whenever a Stack is created or updated
service Whenever a Service is created or updated
container Whenever a Container is created or updated
nodecluster Whenever a Node Cluster is created or updated
node Whenever a Node is created or updated
action Whenever a Action is created or updated
error Sent when an error occurs on the websocket connection or as part of the authentication process

Parent-child hierarchy

Object type Parent types
Stack (None)
Service Stack
Container Service, Stack, Node, Node Cluster
Node Cluster (None)
Node Node Cluster
Action (object to which the action applies to)

Listen to new Docker Cloud Events

import dockercloud

def process_event(event):
    print event

events = dockercloud.Events()
import ""

// Listens for container events only
myFilter := dockercloud.NewStreamFilter(&dockercloud.EventFilter{Type: "container"})

stream := dockercloud.NewStream(myFilter)

if err := stream.Connect(); err == nil {
    go stream.RunForever()
} else {
    log.Print("Connect err: " + err.Error())

for {
    select {
    case event := <-stream.MessageChan:
    case err := <-stream.ErrorChan:
GET /api/audit/v1/events/ HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6YXBpa2V5
Connection: Upgrade
Upgrade: websocket
docker-cloud event

Listens for new Docker Cloud Events

Endpoint Type

Available in Docker Cloud’s STREAM API

HTTP Request

GET /api/audit/v1/[optional_namespace/]events/

Query Parameters

Parameter Description
type Filter by type
object Filter by object resource URI
parent Filter by object parents