Get started with Docker Core


Starting July 1, 2024, Docker will begin collecting sales tax on subscription fees in compliance with state regulations for customers in the United States. For our global customers subject to VAT, the implementation will start rolling out on July 1, 2024. Note that while the rollout begins on this date, VAT charges may not apply to all applicable subscriptions immediately.

To ensure that tax assessments are correct, make sure that your billing information and VAT/Tax ID, if applicable, are updated.

Docker Core subscriptions offer features and benefits to support both new and professional developers, as well as plans for individuals, teams, and enterprise businesses. To learn more about what's included with each tier, see Docker Core subscriptions and features and Docker Pricing.

In this section, learn how to get started with a Docker Core subscription for individuals or for organizations. Before you begin, make sure you have a Docker ID.

Set up Docker Core subscription for personal account

  1. Sign in to your Docker account.
  2. Select your avatar in the top-right corner then select Billing.
  3. In Billing Details, select your personal account.
  4. Select Buy now.
  5. To continue to use Docker Core Personal, select Continue with Personal. To buy Docker Core Pro, select Buy Now on the Pro card.
  6. Enter your billing information, then select Submit.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm monthly or annual billing cycle and enter your payment information.
  8. Select Subscribe.

This routes you back to the Billing Details section. Your subscription entitles you right away to the features available for your plan. You can review your plan here at any time.

Set up Docker Core subscription for organizations

You can subscribe a new or existing organization to a Docker Core plan. Only organization owners can manage billing for the organization.

To learn how to start a Docker Core subscription for a new organization, see Create your organization.

To learn how to upgrade a Docker Core subscription for an existing organization, see Upgrade your subscription.