Register a tax certificate


Starting July 1, 2024, Docker will begin collecting sales tax on subscription fees in compliance with state regulations for customers in the United States. For our global customers subject to VAT, the implementation will start rolling out on July 1, 2024. Note that while the rollout begins on this date, VAT charges may not apply to all applicable subscriptions immediately.

To ensure that tax assessments are correct, make sure that your billing information and VAT/Tax ID, if applicable, are updated. If you're exempt from sales tax, see Register a tax certificate.

If you're a customer in the United States and you're exempt from sales tax, you can register a valid tax exemption certificate with Docker's Support team. If you're a global customer subject to VAT, make sure that you provide your VAT number.


Before you submit your tax exemption certificate, ensure the following.

  1. Your customer name matches the name on the exemption certificate
  2. Your tax exemption certificate specifies Docker Inc as the Seller or Vendor and all applicable information is filled out
  3. Your certificate is signed and dated, and the expiration date hasn't passed
  4. You have a valid Docker ID/namespace(s) of the accounts that you want to apply the tax exemption certificate to

Contact information

You can use the following for Docker's contact information on your tax exemption certificate.

Docker, Inc.
3790 El Camino Real #1052
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(415) 941-0376

Register a tax certificate

  1. Submit a Docker Support ticket to initiate the process to register a tax certificate.

  2. Enter the required information. Select Billing from the Topic drop-down.

  3. In the Additional Information field, list the Docker ID/namespace(s) of the accounts that you want to apply the tax exemption certificate to.


    You can list multiple namespaces that share the same tax exemption certificate, if applicable.

  4. Select Submit.

Docker's Support team will reach out for you to submit your certificate once a ticket is open. You'll receive a confirmation from Docker once your tax exemption status has processed and is applied to your account.