Docker Build Cloud setup

Before you can start using Docker Build Cloud, you must add the builder to your local environment.


To get started with Docker Build Cloud, you need to:

  • Download and install Docker Desktop version 4.26.0 or later.
  • Sign up for a Docker Build Cloud subscription in the Docker Build Cloud Dashboard.

Use Docker Build Cloud without Docker Desktop

To use Docker Build Cloud without Docker Desktop, you must download and install a version of Buildx with support for Docker Build Cloud (the cloud driver). You can find compatible Buildx binaries on the releases page of this repository.

If you plan on building with Docker Build Cloud using the docker compose build command, you also need a version of Docker Compose that supports Docker Build Cloud. You can find compatible Docker Compose binaries on the releases page of this repository.


You can add a cloud builder using the CLI, with the docker buildx create command, or using the Docker Desktop settings GUI.

  1. Sign in to your Docker account.

    $ docker login
  2. Add the cloud builder endpoint.

    $ docker buildx create --driver cloud <ORG>/<BUILDER_NAME>

    Replace ORG with the Docker Hub namespace of your Docker organization.

This creates a builder named cloud-ORG-BUILDER_NAME.

  1. Sign in to your Docker account using the Sign in button in Docker Desktop.

  2. Open the Docker Desktop settings and navigate to the Builders tab.

  3. Under Available builders, select Connect to builder.

The builder has native support for the linux/amd64 and linux/arm64 architectures. This gives you a high-performance build cluster for building multi-platform images natively.

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