Overview of Docker Build

Docker Build is one of Docker Engine’s most used features. Whenever you are creating an image you are using Docker Build. Build is a key part of your software development life cycle allowing you to package and bundle your code and ship it anywhere.

Docker Build is more than a command for building images, and it’s not only about packaging your code. It’s a whole ecosystem of tools and features that support not only common workflow tasks but also provides support for more complex and advanced scenarios.

Packaging your software

Build and package your application to run it anywhere: locally or in the cloud.

Multi-stage builds

Keep your images small and secure with minimal dependencies.

Multi-platform images

Build, push, pull, and run images seamlessly on different computer architectures.


Learn the Docker Build components.


Explore BuildKit, the open source builder engine.

Build drivers

Configure where and how you run your builds.


Export any artifact you like, not just Docker images.

Build caching

Avoid unnecessary repetitions of costly operations, such as package installs.


Orchestrate your builds with Bake.