High-level builds with Bake


Bake is an experimental feature, and we are looking for feedback from users.

Buildx provides support for high-level build orchestration that goes beyond invoking a single build command. Bake lets you build all the images in your application together. You can define all of the build jobs for your projects in a file that can then be easily invoked by anyone.

You can think of Bake as a task runner for Docker builds. BuildKit efficiently handles multiple concurrent build requests and de-duplicating work. You can invoke your builds using general-purpose task runners, like make. However, such tools generally invoke builds in a sequence. Therefore they aren't leveraging the full potential of BuildKit parallelization. Bake solves this problem.

The docker buildx bake command supports building images from a configuration file in HCL, JSON or YAML format. The YAML format extends the Compose Specification, and it's similar to docker compose build, except it builds all of your services concurrently as part of a single request.

Next steps