Azure Blob Storage cache


This is an experimental feature. The interface and behavior are unstable and may change in future releases.

The azblob cache store uploads your resulting build cache to Azure's blob storage service.

This cache storage backend is not supported with the default docker driver. To use this feature, create a new builder using a different driver. See Build drivers for more information.


$ docker buildx build --push -t <registry>/<image> \
  --cache-to type=azblob,name=<cache-image>[,parameters...] \
  --cache-from type=azblob,name=<cache-image>[,parameters...] .

The following table describes the available CSV parameters that you can pass to --cache-to and --cache-from.

namecache-to,cache-fromStringRequired. The name of the cache image.
account_urlcache-to,cache-fromStringBase URL of the storage account.
secret_access_keycache-to,cache-fromStringBlob storage account key, see authentication.
modecache-tomin,maxminCache layers to export, see cache mode.
ignore-errorcache-toBooleanfalseIgnore errors caused by failed cache exports.


The secret_access_key, if left unspecified, is read from environment variables on the BuildKit server following the scheme for the Azure Go SDK. The environment variables are read from the server, not the Buildx client.

Further reading

For an introduction to caching see Docker build cache.

For more information on the azblob cache backend, see the BuildKit README.