Compose Bridge default transformation

Early Access

Compose Bridge command line is an early access product.

Compose Bridge produces Kubernetes manifests so you can deploy your Compose application to Kubernetes that is enabled on Docker Desktop.

Based on an arbitrary compose.yaml project, Compose Bridge will produce:

  • A Namespace so all your resources are isolated and don't colide with another deployment
  • A ConfigMap with an entry for each and every config resource in your Compose model
  • Deployments for application services
  • Services for ports exposed by your services, used for service-to-service communication
  • Services for ports published by your services, with type LoadBalancer so that Docker Desktop will also expose same port on host
  • Network policies to replicate the networking topology expressed in Compose
  • PersistentVolumeClaims for your volumes, using hostpath storage class so that Docker Desktop manages volume creation
  • Secrets with your secret encoded - this is designed for local use in a testing environment

And a Kustomize overlay dedicated to Docker Desktop with:

  • Loadbalancer for services which need to expose ports on host
  • A PersistentVolumeClaim to use the Docker Desktop storage provisioner desktop-storage-provisioner
  • A Kustomize file to link the all those resources together