Compose command compatibility with docker-compose

The compose command in the Docker CLI supports most of the docker-compose commands and flags. It is expected to be a drop-in replacement for docker-compose. There are a few remaining flags that have yet to be implemented, and we are prioritizing these implementations based on usage metrics and user feedback.

You can follow progress on the implementation of the remaining commands and flags in the Compose-CLI GitHub repository.

If you see some Compose functionality that is not available in the compose command, create an issue in the Compose-CLI GitHub repository so we can prioritize it.

Commands or flags not yet implemented

The following commands have not been implemented yet, and maybe implemented at a later time. Let us know if these commands are a higher priority for your usecases.

compose build --memory. This option is not yet supported by buildkit. The flag is currently supported but is hidden to avoid breaking existing Compose usage. It does not have any effect.

Flags that will not be implemented

The list below includes the flags that we are not planning to support in Compose in the Docker CLI, either because they are already deprecated in docker-compose, or because they are not relevant for Compose in the Docker CLI.

  • compose ps --filter KEY-VALUE Not relevant due to its complicated usage with the service command and also because it is not documented properly in docker-compose.
  • compose rm --all Deprecated in docker-compose.
  • compose scale Deprecated in docker-compose (use compose up --scale instead)

Global flags:

  • compose --compatibility Deprecated in docker-compose.
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