Compose CLI Tech Preview

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New docker compose command


The compose command in the Docker CLI is currently available as a Tech Preview. We recommend that you do not use this in production environments.

Your feedback is important to us. Let us know your feedback on the new ‘compose’ command by creating an issue in the Compose-CLI GitHub repository.

The Docker CLI now supports the compose command, including most of the docker-compose features and flags, without the need for a separate tool.

You can replace the dash (-) with a space when you use docker-compose to switch over to docker compose. You can also use them interchangeably, so that you are not locked-in with the new compose command and, if needed, you can still use docker-compose.

Introduction of the Compose specification makes a clean distinction between the Compose YAML file model and the docker-compose implementation. Making this change has enabled a number of enhancements, including the launch of Amazon ECS and Microsoft ACI, being able to “up” a Compose application on cloud platforms simply by switching Docker context, and adding compose command directly into the Docker CLI. As the Compose specification evolves, new features land faster in the Docker CLI. While docker-compose is still supported and maintained, Compose in the Docker CLI Go implementation relies directly on the compose-go bindings which are maintained as part of the specification. This allows us to include community proposals, experimental implementations by the Docker CLI and/or Engine, and deliver features faster to users. Compose in the Docker CLI already supports some of the newer additions to the Compose specification such as profiles and GPU devices.

For more information about the flags that are not yet supported in the new compose command, see the docker-compose compatibility list.

Installing the Compose CLI Tech Preview

Install Compose CLI Tech Preview on Mac and Windows

Docker Desktop for Mac and for Windows version 3.2.1 and above includes the new Compose command along with the Docker CLI. Therefore, Windows and Mac users do not need to install the Compose CLI Tech Preview separately.

For Docker Desktop installation instructions, see:

Install Compose CLI Tech Preview on Linux

You can install the new Compose CLI, including this Tech Preview, using the following install script:

$ curl -L | sh
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