Uninstall Docker Compose

Uninstalling Docker Compose depends on the method you have used to install Docker Compose. On this page you can find specific instructions to uninstall Docker Compose.

Uninstalling Docker Desktop

If you want to uninstall Compose and you have installed Docker Desktop, see Uninstall Docker Desktop.


Unless you have other Docker instances installed on that specific environment, you would be removing Docker altogether by uninstalling the Desktop.

Uninstalling the Docker Compose CLI plugin

To remove the Compose CLI plugin, run:

Ubuntu, Debian:

$ sudo apt-get remove docker-compose-plugin

RPM-based distros:

$ sudo yum remove docker-compose-plugin

Manually installed

If you used curl to install Compose CLI plugin, to uninstall it, run:

$ rm $DOCKER_CONFIG/cli-plugins/docker-compose

Remove for all users

Or, if you have installed Compose for all users, run:

$ rm /usr/local/lib/docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose

Got a Permission denied error?

If you get a Permission denied error using either of the above methods, you do not have the permissions allowing you to remove docker-compose. To force the removal, prepend sudo to either of the above instructions and run it again.

Inspect the location of the Compose CLI plugin

To check where Compose is installed, use:

$ docker info --format '{{range .ClientInfo.Plugins}}{{if eq .Name "compose"}}{{.Path}}{{end}}{{end}}'