docker-compose exec

Usage: exec [options] [-e KEY=VAL...] SERVICE COMMAND [ARGS...]

    -d, --detach      Detached mode: Run command in the background.
    --privileged      Give extended privileges to the process.
    -u, --user USER   Run the command as this user.
    -T                Disable pseudo-tty allocation. By default `docker-compose exec`
                      allocates a TTY.
    --index=index     index of the container if there are multiple
                      instances of a service [default: 1]
    -e, --env KEY=VAL Set environment variables (can be used multiple times,
                      not supported in API < 1.25)
    -w, --workdir DIR Path to workdir directory for this command.

This is the equivalent of docker exec. With this subcommand you can run arbitrary commands in your services. Commands are by default allocating a TTY, so you can use a command such as docker-compose exec web sh to get an interactive prompt.

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