Sample apps with Compose


Compose V1 no longer receives updates and will not be available in new releases of Docker Desktop after June 2023.

Compose V2 is included with all currently supported versions of Docker Desktop. For more information, see Migrate to Compose V2.

The following samples show the various aspects of how to work with Docker Compose. As a prerequisite, be sure to install Docker Compose if you have not already done so.

Key concepts these samples cover

The samples should help you to:

  • define services based on Docker images using Compose files: docker-compose.yml and docker-stack.yml
  • understand the relationship between docker-compose.yml and Dockerfiles
  • learn how to make calls to your application services from Compose files
  • learn how to deploy applications and services to a swarm

Samples tailored to demo Compose

These samples focus specifically on Docker Compose:

Awesome Compose samples

The Awesome Compose samples provide a starting point on how to integrate different frameworks and technologies using Docker Compose. All samples are available in the Awesome-compose GitHub repo and are ready to run with docker compose up.