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Cards can be added to a page using the card shortcode. The parameters for this shortcode are:

titleThe title of the card
iconThe icon slug of the card
imageUse a custom image instead of an icon (mutually exclusive with icon)
link(Optional) The link target of the card, when clicked
descriptionA description text, in Markdown


There's a known limitation with the Markdown description of cards, in that they can't contain relative links, pointing to other .md documents. Such links won't render correctly. Instead, use an absolute link to the URL path of the page that you want to link to.

For example, instead of linking to ../install/, write: /engine/install/linux/.



{{< card
  title="Get your Docker on"
  description="Build, share, and run your apps with Docker"


There's also a built-in grid shortcode that generates a... well, grid... of cards. The grid size is 3x3 on large screens, 2x2 on medium, and single column on small.

Grid is a separate shortcode from card, but it implements the same component under the hood. The markup you use to insert a grid is slightly unconventional. The grid shortcode takes no arguments. All it does is let you specify where on a page you want your grid to appear.

{{< grid >}}

The data for the grid is defined in the front matter of the page, under the grid key, as follows:

# front matter section of a page
title: some page
  - title: "Docker Engine"
    description: Vrrrrooooommm
    icon: "developer_board"
    link: "/engine/"
  - title: "Docker Build"
    description: Clang bang
    icon: "build"
    link: "/build/"