DTR 2.2 release notes

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Here you can learn about new features, bug fixes, breaking changes and known issues for each DTR version.

You can then use the upgrade instructions, to upgrade your installation to the latest release.

DTR 2.2.1

(9 Feb 2017)

Bugs fixed

  • Webhooks triggered on a security scan now have information about vulnerabilities
  • The web UI now displays tag details and security scanning information for images pushed before the upgrade
  • When multiple tags shared the same manifest, the UI only displayed a single tag. This has been fixed
  • Fixed the UI not correctly showing the Dockerfile for tags in migrated repositories

DTR 2.2.0

(9 Feb 2017)

New features

  • DTR can now scan the binaries contained in the image layers, and report security vulnerabilities
  • You can now configure multiple caches, so that users can pull images faster
  • You can now configure webhooks to run automated tasks that are triggered by events like image push, repository creation, and others

General improvements

  • UI/UX
    • Improved error messages to be more meaningful and help troubleshoot the problem
    • Several UI/UX improvements to the DTR configuration page and user settings page
    • Several improvements to the search bar used in the UI
  • docker/dtr image
    • The docker/dtr install command now shows all the nodes that are part of a UCP cluster for you choose on which node to deploy DTR
    • The install command was improved to avoid deploying DTR to a node where it cannot run due to port collisions
    • The docker/dtr install --ucp-node flag is now mandatory
    • The install command no longer allows deploying replicas with duplica ids
    • The upgrade command now validates if all tags were migrated to the latest version before trying to migrate blob links

Bugs fixed

  • When creating a repository, the length of the repository now is consistent between the UI and API
  • The UI now validate and doesn’t allow creating repository names with uppercase letters
  • You can now create organizations with dashes in the name
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow deleting users immediately after they were created
  • The copy to clipboard button on the repository page now works on Firefox
  • The repository page now renders properly the repository permissions
  • You can now delete a users’s full name from the UI
  • Organization administrators can now see the repositories owned by the organization
  • The garbage collection settings now show the correct cron values
  • You can now specify DTR to use port 443 when installing DTR
  • When you don’t have permissions to see the repository details, the UI now shows that you don’t have permissions instead of saying it has no manifests
  • Jobs are retried if the worker running them stops unexpectedly


The /load_balancer_status is deprecated and is going to be removed in future versions. Use the /health endpoint instead.

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