docker/dtr join

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Add a new replica to an existing DTR cluster


This command creates a replica of an existing DTR on a node managed by Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP).

For setting DTR for high-availability, create 3, 5, or 7 replicas of DTR.


Option Description
--debug Enable debug mode for additional logging
--existing-replica-id The ID of an existing DTR replica
--extra-envs Environment variables or swarm constraints for DTR containers. Format var=val[&var=val]
--hub-password Password to use when pulling images
--hub-username Username to use when pulling images
--replica-http-port The public HTTP port for the DTR replica. Default is 80
--replica-https-port The public HTTPS port for the DTR replica. Default is 443
--replica-id Assign an ID to the DTR replica. By default the ID is random
--skip-network-test Don’t test if overlay networks are working correctly between UCP nodes
--ucp-ca Use a PEM-encoded TLS CA certificate for UCP
--ucp-insecure-tls Disable TLS verification for UCP
--ucp-node The hostname of the target UCP node. Set to empty string or “random” to pick one at random.
--ucp-password The UCP administrator password
--ucp-url The UCP URL including domain and port
--ucp-username The UCP administrator username
--unsafe Allow DTR to be installed on any engine version
--unsafe-join Perform the join despite the cluster containing unhealthy replicas.
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