Use hostnames to access your service

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When you deploy a service with an HTTP or HTTPS endpoint, you can make it accessible to users by mapping the service port to the swarm routing mesh port. This makes your service available using the IP address of any node in the cluster.

UCP takes this one step further and allows you to configure your HTTP or HTTPS services to make them available using hostnames. In this example we’re going to deploy an NGINX service and make it available with the hostname

Start by making sure that the HTTP routing mesh service is enabled and you have access to the ucp-hrm network. If you don’t have administrator credentials, ask your system administrator to enable the HTTP routing mesh, and grant you access to the ucp-hrm network.

Log in the UCP web UI, navigate to the Services page, and click Create a service. Then create an NGIN service with the following configurations:

Field Value
Service name nginx
Image name nginx
Internal port 80
Public port 8000
External scheme http://
Routing mesh host

When creating the service, make sure to publish both internal and public ports. This maps the port 80 on the container running the service, to port 8000 on the ingress routing mesh.

Then click the Add hostname based route to set the hostname that will resolve to the service.

Finally, you need to connect the service to the ucp-hrm network. This is what ensures traffic send to the HTTP routing mesh is redirected to your service.

Click Deploy now to deploy your service. Once the service is deployed, the HTTP routing mesh service is reconfigured to redirect HTTP requests with the hostname set to, to the NGINX service.

To make this service accessible to users, you need to add an entry to your DNS, mapping the name to the IP address of any node in the UCP cluster. When testing locally, you can also change your /etc/hosts file to create this mapping, instead of using a DNS service.

Now when you access from your browser, you’ll see the default NGINX page.

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