Grant permissions to users based on roles

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These are the docs for UCP version 2.2.22

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If you’re a UCP administrator, you can create grants to control how users and organizations access swarm resources.

A grant is made up of a subject, a role, and a resource collection. A grant defines who (subject) has how much access (role) to a set of resources (collection). Each grant is a 1:1:1 mapping of subject, role, collection. For example, you can grant the “Prod Team” “Restricted Control” permissions for the “/Production” collection.

The usual workflow for creating grants has four steps.

  1. Set up your users and teams. For example, you might want three teams, Dev, QA, and Prod.
  2. Organize swarm resources into separate collections that each team uses.
  3. Optionally, create custom roles for specific permissions to the Docker API.
  4. Grant role-based access to collections for your teams.

Create a grant

When you have your users, collections, and roles set up, you can create grants. Administrators create grants on the Manage Grants page.

  1. Click Create Grant. All of the collections in the system are listed.
  2. Click Select on the collection you want to grant access to.
  3. In the left pane, click Roles and select a role from the dropdown list.
  4. In the left pane, click Subjects. Click All Users to create a grant for a specific user, or click Organizations to create a grant for an organization or a team.
  5. Select a user, team, or organization and click Create.

By default, all new users are placed in the docker-datacenter organization. If you want to apply a grant to all UCP users, create a grant with the docker-datacenter org as a subject.

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