Deploy a service

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These are the docs for UCP version 2.2.22

To select a different version, use the selector below.

You can deploy and monitor your services from the UCP web UI. In this example we deploy an NGINX web server and make it accessible on port 8000.

In your browser, navigate to the UCP web UI and click Services. On the Create a Service page, click Create Service to configure the NGINX service.

Fill in the following fields:

Field Value
Service name nginx
Image name nginx:latest

In the left pane, click Network. In the Ports section, click Publish Port and fill in the following fields:

Field Value
Internal port 80
Protocol tcp
Publish mode Ingress
Public port 8000

Click Confirm to map the ports for the NGINX service.

Once you’ve specified the service image and ports, click Create to deploy the service into the UCP swarm.

Once the service is up and running, the default NGINX is available at http://<node-ip>:8000.

Deploy from the CLI

You can also deploy the same service from the CLI. Once you’ve set up your UCP client bundle, run:

docker service create --name nginx \
  --publish 8000:80 \
  --label com.docker.ucp.access.owner=<your-username> \
ucp, deploy, service