docker/ucp upgrade

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These are the docs for UCP version 2.2.22

To select a different version, use the selector below.

Upgrade the UCP cluster


 docker container run --rm -it \
        --name ucp \
        -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
        docker/ucp \
        upgrade [command options]


This command upgrades the UCP running on this node. To upgrade UCP:

  • Upgrade the Docker Engine in all nodes (optional)
  • Run the upgrade command in all manager nodes
  • Run the upgrade command in all worker nodes

Before performing an upgrade, you should perform a backup by using the backup command.

After upgrading UCP in a node, go to the UCP web UI and confirm the node is healthy, before upgrading other nodes.


Option Description
--debug, D Enable debug mode
--jsonlog Produce json formatted output for easier parsing
--interactive, i Run in interactive mode and prompt for configuration values
--admin-username The UCP administrator username
--admin-password The UCP administrator password
--pull Pull UCP images: always, when missing, or never
--registry-username Username to use when pulling images
--registry-password Password to use when pulling images
--id The ID of the UCP instance to upgrade
--host-address Override the previously configured host address with this IP or network interface
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