Application Designer

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The Application Designer helps Docker developers quickly create new Docker apps using a library of templates. To start the Application Designer, select the Design new application menu entry.

The Application Designer lets you choose an existing template or create a custom application.

The list of available templates is provided:

You can tab through the available application templates. A description of each template is provided.

After selecting a template, you can then customize your application, For example, if you select Flask / NGINX / MySQL, you can then

  • select a different version of python or mysql; and

  • choose different external ports:

You can customize your application, which includes specifying database, proxy, and other details.

You can then name your application and customize the disk location:

You can also customize the name and location of your application.

When you select Assemble, your application is created.

When you assemble your application, a status screen is displayed.

Once assembled, the following screen allows you to run the application. Select Run application to pull the images and start the containers:

When you run your application, the terminal displays output from the application.

Use the corresponding buttons to start and stop your application. Select Open in Finder on Mac or Open in Explorer on Windows to view application files on disk. Select Open in Visual Studio Code to open files with an editor. Note that debug logs from the application are displayed in the lower part of the Application Designer window.

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