Publish your extension

To publish the extension, upload the Docker image to DockerHub.

Tag the previous image to prepend the account owner at the beginning of the image name:

docker tag <name-of-your-extension> owner/<name-of-your-extension>

Push the image to Docker Hub:

docker push owner/<name-of-your-extension>


For Docker Extensions images to be listed in Docker Desktop, they must be approved by Docker and the tags must follow semantic versioning, e.g: 0.0.1.

See distribution and new releases for more information.

See to learn more about semantic versioning.

Having trouble pushing the image?

Ensure you are logged into DockerHub. Otherwise, run docker login to authenticate.

Publish your extension in the Marketplace

Docker Desktop displays published extensions in the Extensions Marketplace. If you want your extension to be published in the Marketplace, you can submit your extension here. We’ll review your submission and provide feedback if changes are needed before we can validate and publish it to make it available to all Docker Desktop users.

Clean up

To remove the extension, run:

docker extension rm <name-of-your-extension>

What’s next

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