Publish your extension to the marketplace

Submit your extension to the marketplace

Docker Desktop displays published extensions in the Extensions Marketplace on Docker Desktopopen_in_new and Docker Hubopen_in_new. The Extensions Marketplace is a curated space where developers can discover extensions to improve their developer experience and propose their own extension to be available for all Desktop users.

Whenever you are ready to publish your extension in the Marketplace, you have two publishing options:

Self-publish your extensionopen_in_new Request that Docker reviews your extensionopen_in_new


As the Extension Marketplace continues to add new features for both Extension users and publishers, we expect you to maintain your extension over time to ensure it stays available in the Marketplace.

Before you submit

Before you submit your extension, it must pass the validation checks.

It is highly recommended that your extension follows the guidelines outlined in this section before submitting your extension. If you request a review from the Docker Extensions team and have not followed the guidelines above, the review process may take longer.

These guidelines don't replace Docker's terms of service or guarantee approval:

  • Review the design guidelines
  • Ensure the UI styling is in line with Docker Desktop guidelines
  • Ensure your extensions support both light and dark mode
  • Consider the needs of both new and existing users of your extension
  • Test your extension with potential users
  • Test your extension for crashes, bugs, and performance issues
  • Test your extension on various platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Read the Terms of Serviceopen_in_new

Which publishing option to choose

When submitting an extension to the extensions submissions repositoryopen_in_new, you have two publishing options. Publish as either:

  • A Self-published extension
  • A Docker-reviewed extension

Depending on which option you select, the publishing process will differ.

Process for Self-published extensions

Self-published extensions are automatically validated. If all the validation checks pass successfully, it is published on the Marketplace and accessible to all users within a few hours. It is the fastest way to get developers the tools they need and to get feedback from them as you work to evolve/polish your extension. You can request a review from the Docker Extensions team at any time.


Docker Desktop caches the list of extensions available in the Marketplace for 12 hours. If you don't see your extension in the Marketplace, you can restart Docker Desktop to force the cache to be refreshed.

Process for Docker-reviewed extensions

Docker-reviewed extensions are manually reviewed by the Docker Extensions team. This process ensures a level of trust and quality for developers using Docker Extensions and allows extension developers to get feedback.

Although we strive to have your submission approved as soon as possible, bear in mind this is a manual process to ensure extensions meet high standards. If your extension is complex, if it doesn't follow the guidelines, or if you didn't complete the submission form properly, it may take longer to review your extension.

Once the extension is reviewed, we will do our best to provide adequate and actionable feedback for you so that you can improve it. If your extension has been rejected, you can communicate directly with us.

The review process also offers some advantages for extension developers of reviewed and approved extensions:

  • The extension appears as Reviewed in the Marketplace
  • The extension is added to our monthly "Docker Extensions Roundup" blog post
  • The same blog post is featured in our monthly newsletter
  • The extension is promoted on our social media channels
  • You receive weekly reports on your extension's performance


If it doesn't meet the approval requirements for a reviewed extension, you can still publish it without a review, and get your extension in the hands of developers. However, you will not benefit from the advantages listed above.