Marketplace extensions

Install an extension


For some extensions, a separate account needs to be created before use.

To install an extension:

  1. Open Docker Desktop.
  2. From the Dashboard, select Add Extensions in the menu bar. The Extensions Marketplace opens on the Browse tab.
  3. Browse the available extensions. You can sort the list of extensions by Recently added, Most installed, or alphabetically. Alternatively, use Filters to search for extensions by category or whether they have been reviewed or not.
  4. Choose you extension and select Install.

From here, you can select Open to access the extension or install additional extensions. The extension also appears in the left-hand menu and in the Manage tab.

There are two types of extensions available in the Extensions Marketplace:

  • Docker-reviewed extensions
  • Self-published extensions

Docker-reviewed extensions are manually reviewed by the Docker Extensions team to ensure an extra level of trust and quality. They appear as Reviewed in the Marketplace.

Self-published extensions are autonomously published by extension developers. They appear as Not reviewed in the Marketplace.

Update an extension

You can update any extension outside of Docker Desktop releases. To update an extension to the latest version:

  1. Navigate to Docker Dashboard, and from the menu bar select the ellipsis to the right of Extensions.
  2. Select Manage. The Manage tab displays with all your installed extensions. If an extension has a new version available, it displays an Update button.
  3. Select Update.

Uninstall an extension

You can uninstall an extension at any time.


Any data used by the extension that’s stored in a volume must be manually deleted.

  1. From the menu bar, select the ellipsis to the right of Extensions.
  2. Select Manage. This displays a list of extensions you’ve installed.
  3. Select Uninstall.