Explore Builds (Beta)

The Builds view is a simple interface that lets you inspect your build history and manage builders using Docker Desktop. By default, it displays a list of all your ongoing and completed builds.

Beta feature

The Builds view is currently in Beta. This feature may change or be removed from future releases.

The Builds view displays metadata about the build, such as:

  • Build name
  • Target platforms
  • Builder name
  • Build duration
  • Progress bar
  • Cache usage
  • Completion date

The Active builds section displays builds that are currently running on builders that you're using.

The Completed builds section lists build records for past builds for your active builders. The list doesn't include builds for inactive builders.

Turn on the Builds view

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Features in development.
  3. In the Beta features tab, select the Display Builds view checkbox.
  4. Select Apply & restart for the changes to take effect.

After the restart, the Builds view and the Builders settings menu appear.

Inspect a build

To inspect a build, select the build that you want to view in the list.

The Info tab displays details about the build job. The details include information such as target stage for multi-stage builds, target platforms, and version control information, if available.

The Source tab shows the frontend used to create the build.

The Error tab appears if the build finished with an error. It displays the frontend used to create the build, and the build error displays inline in the frontend source.

The Logs tab displays the build logs. If the build is currently running, the logs are updated in real-time.

The Stats tab displays statistics data about completed builds. Analyze the build stats to get a better understanding of how your build gets executed, and find ways to optimize it.

Manage builders

To inspect your builders, and change your default builder, select Builder settings to open the settings menu. For more information, see: