Explore Volumes

The Volumes view in Docker Dashboard enables you to easily create and delete volumes and see which ones are being used. You can also see which container is using a specific volume and explore the files and folders in your volumes.

For more information about volumes, see Use volumes. For examples of how to use volumes in the GUI, see Persiting the DB and Use bind mounts.

By default, the Volumes view displays a list of all the volumes. Volumes that are currently used by a container display the In Use badge.

Manage your volumes

Use the Search field to search for any specific volume.

You can sort volumes by:

  • Name
  • Date created
  • Size

From the More options menu to the right of the search bar, you can choose what volume information to display.

Inspect a volume

To explore the details of a specific volume, select a volume from the list. This opens the detailed view.

The In Use tab displays the name of the container using the volume, the image name, the port number used by the container, and the target. A target is a path inside a container that gives access to the files in the volume.

The Data tab displays the files and folders in the volume and the file size. To save a file or a folder, hover over the file or folder and select on the more options menu. Select Save As and then specify a location to download the file.

To delete a file or a folder from the volume, select Remove from the More options menu.

Remove a volume

Removing a volume deletes the volume and all its data.

To remove a volume, hover over the volume and then select the Delete icon. Alternatively, select the volume from the list and then select the Delete button.