Prepare the application

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In this step, you prepare a simple application that can be deployed.

Clone the sample app

Run the following command to clone the sample application. You can use either the Python or the Go version of this application, but you don’t need to install Python or Go to follow the tutorial.

Python quickstart

$ git clone
$ cd dockercloud-quickstart-python

Go quickstart

$ git clone
$ cd dockercloud-quickstart-go

Build the application

Skip the following step if you don’t have Docker Engine installed locally.

Next, we build this application to create an image. Run the following command to build the app. This creates a Docker image and tags it with whatever follows the word tag. Tag the image either quickstart-python or quickstart-go depending on which quickstart you are using.

Python quickstart

$ docker build --tag quickstart-python .

Go quickstart

$ docker build --tag quickstart-go .

What’s next?

Next, we Push the Docker image to Docker Cloud’s Registry.

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