Recover your Docker Hub account

If you have lost your two-factor authentication device and need to access your Docker Hub account, you can gain access to your account using your two-factor authentication recovery code.


Two-factor authentication is enabled on your Docker Hub account and you have your two-factor authentication recovery code.

If you lose both your 2FA authentication device and recovery code, you may not be able to recover your account.

Recover your Docker Hub account with a recovery code

Go through the login process on Docker Hub. When you’re asked to enter your two-factor authentication code, click I’ve lost my authentication device.

Lost authentication device

On the next screen, click “I have my recovery code”.

You have your code

Enter your recovery code.

Enter recovery code

Once you have used your recovery code, you will have to re-enable two-factor authentication. See Enabling two-factor authentication on Docker Hub.

Alternative recovery methods

If you have lost access to both your two-factor authentication application and your recovery code, get in touch with our Support team using the Contact Support form. You must enter the primary email address associated with your Docker ID in the Contact Support form for recovery instructions.

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