Audit log

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Audit log displays a chronological list of activities that occur at organization and repository levels. It provides owners of Docker Team accounts a report of all their team member activities. This allows the team owners to view and track what changes were made, the date when a change was made, and who initiated the change. For example, the audit log displays activities such as the date when a repository was created or deleted, the team member who created the repository, the name of the repository, and when there was a change to the privacy settings.

Team owners can also see the audit log for their repository if the repository is part of the organization subscribed to a Docker Team plan.

View the audit log

To view the audit log:

  1. Sign into an owner account for the organization in Docker Hub.
  2. Select your organization from the list and then click on the Activity tab.

    Organization activity tab

The audit log begins tracking activities from the date the feature is live, that is from 25 January 2021. Activities that took place before this date are not captured.


Docker will retain the audit log activity data for a period of three months.

Customize the audit log

By default, all activities that occur at organization and repository levels are displayed on the Activity tab. Use the calendar option to select a date range and customize your results. After you have selected a date range, the Activity tab displays the audit log of all the activities that occurred during that period.

Activities list


Activities created by the Docker Support team as part of resolving customer issues appear in the audit log as dockersupport.

Click the All Activities drop-down list to view activities that are specific to an organization or a repository. After choosing Organization or Repository, you can further refine the results using the All Actions drop-down list. If you select the Activities tab from the Repository view, you can only filter repository-level activities.

Refine org activities

Audit log event definitions

Refer to the following section for a list of events and their descriptions:

Organization events

Event Description
Team Created Activities related to the creation of a team
Team Deleted Activities related to the deletion of a team
Team Member Added Details of the member added to your team
Team Member Removed Details of the member removed from your team
Team Member Invited Details of the member invited to your team
Organization Member Removed Details about member removed from your organization
Organization Created Activities related to the creation of a new organization

Repository events

Event Description
Repository Created Activities related to the creation of a new repository
Repository Deleted Activities related to the deletion of a repository
Privacy Changed Details related to the privacy policies that were updated
Tag Pushed Activities related to the tags pushed
Tag Deleted Activities related to the tags deleted
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