FAQs on companies

Are existing subscriptions affected when a company is created and organizations are added to the company?

Subscriptions and related billing details continue to be managed at the organization level at this time.

Some of my organizations don’t have a Docker Business subscription. Can I still use a parent company?

Yes, but only organizations with a Docker Business subscription can be placed under a company.

What happens if one of my organizations downgrades from Docker Business, but I still need access as a company owner?

To access and manage child organizations, the organization must have a Docker Business subscription. If the organization isn’t included in this subscription, the owner of the organization must manage the organization outside of the company.

Does my organization need to prepare for downtime during the migration process?

No, you can continue with business as usual.

How many company owners can I add?

A maximum of 10 company owners can be added to a single company account.

What permission does the company owner have in the associated/nested organizations?

Company owners can navigate to the Organizations page to view all their nested organizations in a single location. They can also view or edit organization members and change SSO and SCIM settings. Changes to company settings impact all users in each organization under the company.

What features are supported at the company level?

Domain verification, Single Sign-on, and System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) are supported at the company level. The following aren't supported:

  • Image Access Management
  • Registry Access Management
  • User management
  • Billing

What's required to create a company name?

A company name must be unique to that of its child organization. If a child organization requires the same name as a company, we suggest modifying slightly. For example, Docker Inc (parent company), Docker (child organization).

How does a company owner add an organization to the company?

Contact your designated CSM team member or Docker Support with a list of the Docker Business organizations you want to add to the new company.

How does a company owner manage SSO/SCIM settings from my new parent company?

See your SCIM and SSO settings.

How does a company owner enable group mapping in my IdP?

See SCIM for more information.

What's the definition of a company vs an organization?

A company is a collection of organizations that are managed together. An organization is a collection of repositories and teams that are managed together.