Docker Verified Publisher Program

The Verified Publisher Program provides several features and benefits to Docker Hub publishers. The following perks are granted based on participation tier:

  • Verified publisher badge
  • Insights and analytics
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Additional Docker Business seats
  • Removal of rate limiting for developers
  • Co-marketing opportunities

Verified publisher badge

The verified publisher badge signals high quality, and trust, to developers. Images with this badge are verified as high quality, and the content can be trusted.

Docker, Inc. org with a verified publisher badge

Insights and analytics

The insights and analytics service provides usage metrics for how the community uses your Docker images, and grants you insight into your user’s behavior.

The insights and analytics tab on the Docker Hub website

Select the time span you want to view analytics data, and export the data in either a summary or raw format. The summary format shows you image pulls per tag, and the raw format lists information about every image pull for the selected time span. Data points include tag, type of pull, user geolocation, client tool (user agent), and more.

Vulnerability scanning

Automatic vulnerability scanning using Snyk for images published to Docker Hub. Scanning images ensures that the published content is secure, and underlines to developers that it can be trusted. Scanning can be enabled on a per-repository basis, refer to vulnerability scanning for more information about how to use it.

Who’s eligible to become a verified publisher?

Any independent software vendor who distributes software on Docker Hub can join the Verified Publisher Program. Find out more by heading to the Docker Verified Publisher Program page.