Docker Hub Publisher & Certified Content FAQs

Customer FAQs

Hub publisher profile

What is the difference between a Community User and a Verified Publisher?

Community Users have simply signed up to receive a DockerID and made some of their repositories Public on Docker Hub. By contrast, Verified Publishers have engaged directly with Docker’s partner team, and enrolled in our Docker Technology Partner program. These profiles indicate that the business entity of the publisher has been validated, and have taken proactive steps to partner with Docker. Unlike Community content, these Verified Publisher profiles indicate true provenance of the content.

Certified content

What are Certified Containers and Plugins, and how are they differentiated from other content on Docker Hub?

The Docker Certification program is designed for enterprise customers to recognize high-quality content which is compatible, tested, and supported on Docker Enterprise by a Verified publisher. Docker Certification is aligned to the available Docker Enterprise products, and gives enterprises a trusted way to run more technology in containers with the confidence knowing there is a collaborative support relationship in place between Docker and the Verified Publisher.

End-user experience

Why do I see the pull command for a few products and no pull command in other products?

If a publisher publishes multiple images as part of their plan - we do not display the pull command. The pull command visual is exclusively for submissions that have a single image.

Where can I see all of my subscribed content?

To view your accessible content, go to the account menu at the upper right corner, and click My Content. The page that appears lists all of your active subscriptions, and any lapsed or canceled subscriptions.

Can I subscribe to content for my organization?

Yes! Members of an Organization’s “Owners” team can subcsribe to content for use in their Organization. Once the subscription has been completed, images are available for any organization member to pull.

Organization owners can view the organization’s subscriptions by changing the selected account on the My Content page.

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