Docker Store overview

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The Docker Store is now generally available!

To learn more about publishing, browse the topics below along with the publishers guide, and apply to be a publisher.

What is Docker Store?

For publishers, Docker Store is the best way for you to distribute and sell your Dockerized content. Publish your software through the Docker Store to experience the benefits below:

  • Access to Docker’s large and growing customer-base. Docker has experienced rapid adoption, and is wildly popular in dev-ops environments. Docker users have pulled images over four billion times, and they are increasingly turning to the Docker Store as the canonical source for high-quality, curated content.

  • Customers can try or buy your software, right from your product listing. Your content is accessible for installation, trial, and purchase from the Docker Store and the Docker CLI.

  • Use our licensing support. We can limit access to your software to a) logged-in users, b) users who have purchased a license, or c) all Docker users. We’ll help you manage and control your distribution.

  • We’ll handle checkout. You don’t have to set up your own digital e-commerce site when you sell your content through the Docker Store. We’ll even help you set pricing—and you can forget about the rest.

  • Seamless updates and upgrades. We tell customers when your content has upgrades or updates available, right inside their Docker host product.

  • It’s a win-win for our platform and publishers: great content improves our ecosystem, and our flexible platform helps you bring your content to market.

  • Achieve the Docker Certified quality mark. Publisher container images and plugins that meet the quality, security, and support criteria of the program will display a “Docker Certified” badge within the Docker Store and external marketing.

Distribution Models

The Docker Store welcomes free and open-source content, as well as software sold directly by publishers. We support the following commercial models:

This is content for which customers transact via Docker, as described in the publisher agreement. Paid-via-Docker content includes both software than can be deployed on a host, as well as software that runs in the cloud and can be accessed by the customer via an ambassador container (containerized cloud services, for example).

Free Content

Free content is provided free-of-charge, and customers may pull it from the Docker Hub either at their discretion or upon license acceptance, at the publisher’s discretion. You agree that you will not charge customers for any Free Content by making it available for purchase outside of the Docker Store.

What’s next?

  • To learn about submitting products and content to Docker Store, see the publishers guide.

  • To learn about using Docker Store to download content, see the consumer FAQs.

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