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The current Docker CE Edge release is 17.04. The Docker CE Edge channel provides monthly releases which allow you to try new features of Docker and verify bug fixes quickly. Edge releases are only supported for one month, and a given Edge release will not receive any updates once a new edge release is available.

Stable releases are not published to the Edge channel, so Linux repository users still need to subscribe to the stable channel as well.

Commercial support is not available for Docker CE.

For information about all Docker release channels and expectations about support, see Docker channels.

This page lists features that are only available in Docker CE Edge releases. Where applicable, the API and CLI reference documentation has been updated to reflect these features, but full documentation for a given feature may not be available until a Docker CE Stable release incorporates the feature.

Docker CE Edge new features

Docker CE Edge 17.04

The following major features and changes are included in Docker CE Edge 17.04. Continue reading, or go straight to API and CLI, Daemon, Dockerfile, Services, or Stacks.

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  • Add version 1.28 of the Docker API.

  • Add --device-cgroup-rule flag to give containers access to devices that appear after the container is started. #22563

  • Allow swarm nodes to join with --availability=drain to prevent them from taking non-manager workloads. #24993

  • Add publish and expose filters to docker ps, so that containers can be filtered by port or port range for TCP or UDP protocols #27557

  • Add --no-trunc and --format flags to the docker service ls command, and as well as the ability to specify the default format for docker service ls using the ServicesFormat option to the Docker CLI. Also add a docker stack services command. #28199

  • Add ability to filter plugins by whether they are enabled or disabled in docker plugin ls output. #28627

  • Add mode option to --log-opts flag for both docker and dockerd. If set to non-blocking, and the log buffer fills up, log messages will be lost, but the container will not block. The max-buffer-size option controls the maximum size of the ring buffer. Defaults to blocking, which will cause the container to block if messages cannot be logged. See Options for all drivers. #28762

  • It is no longer possible to inadvertently pull images on an architecture where they will not run. #29001

  • It is now possible to create AWS log groups when using the AWS logging driver. See awslogs-create-group. #29504

  • Add the ability to filter docker network ls output by creation time, using the {{CreatedAt}} format specifier. #29900

  • Named but untagged images are now removed if you run docker image prune if --dangling-only is set to true. #30330

  • Add --add-host flag to docker build, which will add entries to the /etc/hosts file of a container created from that image. The /etc/hosts file is not saved within the image itself. #30383

  • Prevent docker network ls from pulling all the endpoints, to reduce impact on the network. #30673

  • Windows-specific commands and options no longer show in command help text on non-Windows clients. #30780

  • When you specify an IP address when running docker network connect, the IP address is now checked for validity. #30807

  • Add the ability to customize bind-mount consistency to be more appropriate for some platforms and workloads. Options are consistent (the default), cached, or delegated. #31047

  • Docker Daemon logging settings no longer affect the docker build command. #29552

  • Add a registry-mirrors configuration option for the Docker daemon, which replaces the daemon’s registry mirrors with a new set of registry mirrors. #29650

  • Add the ability to specify the default shared memory size for the Docker daemon, using the --default-shm-size or the default-shm-size key in daemon.json. #29692

  • Add a no-new-privileges configuration option for the Docker daemon, which prevents unprivileged containers from gaining new privileges. #29984

  • If a Docker client communicates with an older daemon and attempts to perform an operation not supported by the daemon, an error is printed, which shows the API versions of both the client and daemon. #30187

  • The Docker daemon no longer depends upon sqlite. This change means that it is not possible to upgrade the Docker daemon from version 1.9 directly to the latest version. It is recommended to upgrade from one major version to the next, in sequence. #30208

  • Using the pattern **/ in a Dockerfile now (correctly) behaves the same as **. #29043

  • Time values less than 1 second are no longer allowed in health-check options in the Dockerfile. #31177

  • When a service is updated with both --secret-add and --secret-rm in the same operation, the order of operations is now changed so that the --secret-rm always occurs first. #29802

  • Add the ability to create or update a service to be read-only using the --read-only flag. #30162

  • Docker now updates swarm nodes if the swarm configuration is updated. #30259

  • Add topology-aware placement preferences for Swarm services. This feature allows services to be balanced over nodes based on a particular user-defined property, such as which datacenter or rack they are located in. See Control service scale and placement. #30725

  • Add the ability to customize the stop signal which will be sent to nodes, when creating or updating a service. #30754

  • Add the ability to address a secret by name or prefix, as well as ID, when updating it. #30856

  • Add the ability to roll back to a previous version of a service if an updated service fails to deploy. Several flags are available at service creation or update,to control the rollback action, failure threshold, monitoring delay, rollback delay, and parallelism. #31108

  • Add the ability to specify the stream when using the Docker service logs API. #31313

  • Add --tail and --since flags to docker service logs command, to filter the logs by time or to show the tail of the logs and show new content as it is logged. #31500

  • Add a --verbose flag to the docker inspect command. For swarm networks, this flag shows all nodes and services attached to the network. #31710

  • Compose file version 3.2 is now supported. This includes support for different types of endpoints and expands the options you can use when specifying mounts. #31795

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