docker service rm

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Edge only: This is the CLI reference for Docker CE Edge versions. Some of these options may not be available to Docker CE stable or Docker EE. You can view the stable version of this CLI reference or learn about Docker CE Edge.


Remove one or more services


docker service rm SERVICE [SERVICE...]

Parent command

Command Description
docker service Manage services
Command Description
docker service create Create a new service
docker service inspect Display detailed information on one or more services
docker service logs Fetch the logs of a service or task
docker service ls List services
docker service ps List the tasks of one or more services
docker service rm Remove one or more services
docker service scale Scale one or multiple replicated services
docker service update Update a service

Extended description

Removes the specified services from the swarm. This command has to be run targeting a manager node.


Remove the redis service:

$ docker service rm redis


$ docker service ls


Warning: Unlike docker rm, this command does not ask for confirmation before removing a running service.