Backup Docker EE

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To backup Docker Enterprise Edition you need to create individual backups for each of the following components:

  1. Docker Swarm. Backup Swarm resources like service and network definitions.
  2. Universal Control Plane (UCP). Backup UCP configurations.
  3. Docker Trusted Registry (DTR). Backup DTR configurations and images.

Before proceeding to backup the next component, you should test the backup you’ve created to make sure it’s not corrupt. One way to test your backups is to do a fresh installation in a separate infrastructure and restore the new installation using the backup you’ve created.

If you create backups for a single component, you can’t restore your deployment to its previous state.

Restore Docker Enterprise Edition

You should only restore from a backup as a last resort. If you’re running Docker Enterprise Edition in high-availability you can remove unhealthy nodes from the swarm and join new ones to bring the swarm to an healthy state.

To restore Docker Enterprise Edition, you need to restore the individual components one by one:

  1. Docker Swarm. Learn more.
  2. Universal Control Plane (UCP). Learn more.
  3. Docker Trusted Registry (DTR). Learn more.

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