License your installation

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By default, Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) automatically uses the same license file applied to your Universal Control Plane (UCP). In the following scenarios, you need to manually apply a license to your DTR:

  • Major version upgrade
  • License expiration

Download your license

Visit Docker Hub’s Enterprise Trial page to start your one-month trial. After signing up, you should receive a confirmation email with a link to your subscription page. You can find your License Key in the Resources section of the Docker Enterprise Setup Instructions page.

Click “License Key” to download your license.

License your installation

After downloading your license key, navigate to https://<dtr-url> and log in with your credentials. Select System from the left navigation pane, and click Apply new license to upload your license key.

Within System > General under the License section, you should see the tier, date of expiration, and ID for your license.

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