Enable Auto-Deletion of Job Logs

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This topic applies to Docker Enterprise.

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Docker Trusted Registry has a global setting for auto-deletion of job logs which allows them to be removed as part of garbage collection. DTR admins can enable auto-deletion of repository events in DTR 2.6 based on specified conditions which are covered below.


  1. In your browser, navigate to https://<dtr-url> and log in with your UCP credentials.

  2. Select System on the left navigation pane which will display the Settings page by default.

  3. Scroll down to Job Logs and turn on Auto-Deletion.

  4. Specify the conditions with which a job log auto-deletion will be triggered.

    DTR allows you to set your auto-deletion conditions based on the following optional job log attributes:

    Name Description Example
    Age Lets you remove job logs which are older than your specified number of hours, days, weeks or months 2 months
    Max number of events Lets you specify the maximum number of job logs allowed within DTR. 100

    If you check and specify both, job logs will be removed from DTR during garbage collection if either condition is met. You should see a confirmation message right away.

  5. Click Start Deletion if you’re ready. Read more about garbage collection if you’re unsure about this operation.

  6. Navigate to System > Job Logs to confirm that onlinegc_joblogs has started. For a detailed breakdown of individual job logs, see View Job-specific Logs in “Audit Jobs via the Web Interface.”

Job Log Deletion

When you enable auto-deletion of job logs, the logs will be permanently deleted during garbage collection. See Configure logging drivers for a list of supported logging drivers and plugins.

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