DTR 2.5 release notes

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Here you can learn about new features, bug fixes, breaking changes, and known issues for each DTR version.

You can then use the upgrade instructions, to upgrade your installation to the latest release.

2.5.0 (2018-4-17)

New features

  • You can now configure DTR to automatically create a new repository when users push to a repository in their personal namespace that doesn’t exist yet. This makes the behavior of DTR consistent with Docker Hub. By default this setting is disabled, so that DTR continues behaving the same way after an upgrade. Learn about creating repositories on push.
  • You can create push mirroring policies to automatically push an image to another DTR deployment or Docker Hub, when the image complies with a policy of your choice. Learn about push mirroring.
  • You can configure a repository in a DTR deployment to mirror a repository in a different DTR deployment by constantly monitoring it and pulling new images when they are available. Learn about pull mirroring.
  • Added the emergency-repair command to the DTR CLI tool. This allows you to recover your DTR cluster from a loss of quorum and is an alternative to restoring from a backup. Learn about the emergency-repair command.
  • Users can now create access tokens that can be used to authenticate in the DTR API without providing their credentials. Learn about access tokens.
  • You can now configure DTR to run garbage collection jobs without putting DTR in read-only mode. This is still experimental. Learn about garbage collection.
  • Administrators can hide vulnerabilities in given image layers if they know that the vulnerability has been fixed. Learn how to override vulnerability reports
  • You can now connect one DTR deployment to multiple UCPs, allowing you to use Docker Content Trust in a seamless way between multiple UCPs.
  • Added new endpoints to the DTR API to query the results of the Vulnerability scanner:
    • /api/v0/imagescan/scansummary/repositories/{namespace}/{reponame}/{tag} returns the scanning summary for a given tag.
    • /api/v0/imagescan/scansummary/cve/{cve} gets the scan summary by CVE.
    • /api/v0/imagescan/scansummary/layer/{layerid} gets the scan summary by layer SHA.
    • /api/v0/imagescan/scansummary/license/{license} gets the scan summary by license type.
    • /api/v0/imagescan/scansummary/component/{component} get the scan summary by component.
  • The API endpoint /api/v0/repositories/{namespace}/{reponame}/manifests/{reference} has been deprecated. Use /api/v0/repositories/{namespace}/{reponame}/tags/{tag} instead.

Bug fixes

  • UI
    • Several improvements to the UI to make it more stable
  • User accounts
    • When a user changes their password they are automatically logged out.
  • Vulnerability scanner
    • Fixed problem causing errors when trying to view scanning information when an image has not been scanned yet.
  • docker/dtr tool
    • When using docker/dtr reconfigure --log-host, you now need to also specify --log-protocol.
    • You can now tune the RethinkDB cache size for improved performance. Use the --replica-rethinkdb-cache-mb option available on install, join, or reconfigure.
  • Misc
    • Removed support for manifest schema v1. This doesn’t affect users.

Known issues

  • Web UI
    • When deleting a repository with signed images, the DTR web UI no longer shows instructions on how to delete trust data.
    • There’s no UI support to update mirroring policies when rotating the TLS certificates used by DTR. Use the API instead. (#8389)
    • The UI for promotion policies is currently broken if you have a large number of repositories. (#8364)
    • Clicking “Save & Apply” on a promotions policies doesn’t work.
  • Web hooks
    • There is no web hook event for when an image is pulled. (#8145)
  • Online garbage collection
    • The events API won’t report events when tags and manifests are deleted.
    • The events API won’t report blobs deleted by the garbage collection job.
  • Docker EE Advanced features
    • Scanning any new push after metadatastore migration will not yet work.
    • Pushes to repos with promotion policies (repo as source) are broken when an image has a layer over 100MB.
    • On upgrade the scanningstore container may restart with this error message:
    The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version 9.6, 
    which is not compatible with this version 10.3.

    To remedy this remove the scanningstore container and the dtr-postgres volume, and perform a reconfigure

    docker stop dtr-scanningstore-$replica
    docker rm dtr-scanningstore-$replica
    docker volume rm dtr-postgres-$replica
    docker run --rm -it docker/dtr:2.5.0 reconfigure ...

    Then resync the vulnerability database from the web UI.

Earlier versions

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