Audit Repository Events

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Starting in DTR 2.6, each repository page includes an Activity tab which displays a sortable and paginated list of the most recent events within the repository. This offers better visibility along with the ability to audit events. Event types listed will vary according to your repository permission level. Additionally, DTR admins can enable auto-deletion of repository events as part of maintenance and cleanup.

In the following section, we will show you how to view and audit the list of events in a repository. We will also cover the event types associated with your permission level.

View List of Events

As of DTR 2.3, admins were able to view a list of DTR events using the API. DTR 2.6 enhances that feature by showing a permission-based events list for each repository page on the web interface. To view the list of events within a repository, do the following:

  1. Navigate to https://<dtr-url> and log in with your DTR credentials.

  2. Select Repositories from the left navigation pane, and then click on the name of the repository that you want to view. Note that you will have to click on the repository name following the / after the specific namespace for your repository.

  3. Select the Activity tab. You should see a paginated list of the latest events based on your repository permission level. By default, Activity shows the latest 10 events and excludes pull events, which are only visible to repository and DTR admins.

    • If you’re a repository or a DTR admin, uncheck “Exclude pull” to view pull events. This should give you a better understanding of who is consuming your images.
    • To update your event view, select a different time filter from the drop-down list.

Activity Stream

The following table breaks down the data included in an event and uses the highlighted “Create Promotion Policy” event as an example.

Event Detail Description Example
Label Friendly name of the event. Create Promotion Policy
Repository This will always be the repository in review following the <user-or-org>/<repository_name> convention outlined in Create a Repository. test-org/test-repo-1
Tag Tag affected by the event, when applicable. test-org/test-repo-1:latest where latest is the affected tag
SHA The digest value for CREATE operations such as creating a new image tag or a promotion policy. sha256:bbf09ba3
Type Event type. Possible values are: CREATE, GET, UPDATE, DELETE, SEND, FAIL and SCAN CREATE
Initiated by The actor responsible for the event. For user-initiated events, this will reflect the user ID and link to that user’s profile. For image events triggered by a policy – pruning, pull / push mirroring, or promotion – this will reflect the relevant policy ID except for manual promotions where it reflects PROMOTION MANUAL_P, and link to the relevant policy page. Other event actors may not include a link. PROMOTION CA5E7822
Date and Time When the event happened in your configured time zone. 2018 9:59 PM`

Event Audits

Given the level of detail on each event, it should be easy for DTR and security admins to determine what events have taken place inside of DTR. For example, when an image which shouldn’t have been deleted ends up getting deleted, the security admin can determine when and who initiated the deletion.

Event Permissions

For more details on different permission levels within DTR, see Authentication and authorization in DTR to understand the minimum level required to view the different repository events.

Repository Event Description Minimum Permission Level
Push Refers to “Create Manifest” and “Update Tag” events. Learn more about pushing images. Authenticated Users
Scan Requires security scanning to be set up by a DTR admin. Once enabled, this will display as a SCAN event type. Authenticated Users
Promotion Refers to a “Create Promotion Policy” event which links to the Promotions tab of the repository where you can edit the existing promotions. See Promotion Policies for different ways to promote an image. Repository Admin
Delete Refers to “Delete Tag” events. Learn more about deleting images. Authenticated Users
Pull Refers to “Get Tag” events. Learn more about pulling images. Repository Admin
Mirror Refers to “Pull mirroring” and “Push mirroring” events. See Mirror images to another registry and Mirror images from another registry for more details. Repository Admin
Create repo Refers to “Create Repository” events. See Create a repository for more details. Authenticated Users

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