Manage webhooks

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DTR has webhooks so that you can run custom logic when an event happens. This lets you build complex CI and CD pipelines with your Docker images.

Create a webhook

To create a webhook, navigate to the repository details page, choose the Webhooks tab, and click New Webhook.

Select the event that will trigger the webhook, and set the URL to send information about the event. Once everything is set up, click Test for DTR to send a JSON payload to the URL you set up, so that you can validate that the integration is working. You’ll get an event that looks like this:

  "contents": {
    "architecture": "amd64",
    "author": "",
    "digest": "sha256:b5bb9d8014a0f9b1d61e21e796d78dccdf1352f23cd32812f4850b878ae4944c",
    "imageName": "",
    "namespace": "foo",
    "os": "linux",
    "pushedAt": "2015-01-02T15:04:05Z",
    "repository": "bar",
    "tag": "latest"
  "createdAt": "2017-06-20T01:29:53.046620425Z",
  "location": "/repositories/foo/bar/tags/latest",
  "type": "TAG_PUSH"

Once you save, your webhook is active and starts sending notifications when the event is triggered.

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