Mirror images from another registry

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Docker Trusted Registry allows you to set up a mirror of a repository by constantly polling it and pulling new images that get pushed into it.

This way you can ensure your images are persisted across different DTR deployments for high availability. It also makes it easy to create a development pipeline that allows different users access to an image without having to grant them access to a DTR deployment they should not have access to.

pull mirror

To mirror a repository, start by creating a repository in the DTR deployment that will serve as the mirror.

Setting up a mirror is only available from the DTR API.

The easiest way to use the DTR API is to use the interactive documentation that’s available in the DTR web UI. In the left navigation bar of the DTR web UI, click API.

Search for the endpoint:

POST /api/v0/repositories/{namespace}/{reponame}/pollMirroringPolicies

Click Try it out and fill-in the details. ‘Namespace’ and ‘reponame’ refer to the repository that will be the mirror. The other fields are the remote repository to poll from and the credentials to use. As a best practice, use a service account just for this purpose. Instead of providing the password for that account, you should pass a authentication token

If the DTR deployment to mirror images from is using self-signed certificates or certificates signed by your own certificate authority, you also need to provide the public key certificate for that certificate authority. You can get it by accessing https://<dtr-domain>/ca.

Click execute and make sure you got an HTTP 201 response, signaling that the repository is polling the source repository every couple of minutes

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