Reset a user password

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Docker EE administrators can reset user passwords managed in UCP:

  1. Log in to UCP with administrator credentials.
  2. Click Users under User Management.
  3. Select the user whose password you want to change.
  4. Select Configure and select Security.
  5. Enter the new password, confirm, and click Update Password.

Users passwords managed with an LDAP service must be changed on the LDAP server.

Change administrator passwords

Administrators who need a password change can ask another administrator for help or use ssh to log in to a manager node managed by Docker EE and run:

docker run --net=host -v ucp-auth-api-certs:/tls -it "$(docker inspect --format '{{ .Spec.TaskTemplate.ContainerSpec.Image }}' ucp-auth-api)" "$(docker inspect --format '{{ index .Spec.TaskTemplate.ContainerSpec.Args 0 }}' ucp-auth-api)" passwd -i

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