Use layer 7 routing labels

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After you enable the layer 7 routing solution, you can start using it in your swarm services.

Label Description Example Comma separated list of the hosts that the service should serve., Port to use for internal upstream communication. 8080 Name of network the proxy service should attach to for upstream connectivity. app-network-a Context or path to use for the application. /app Boolean to enable rewrite for the context root. true Docker secret to use for the SSL certificate. Docker secret to use for the SSL key. Comma separated list of endpoints to configure to be upgraded for websockets. /ws,/foo Name of the service cluster to use for the application. us-east Cookie to use for sticky sessions. app_session Semi-colon separated list of redirects to add in the format of <source>,<target>.,; Enable SSL passthrough. false Select the backend mode that the proxy should use to access the upstreams. Defaults to task. vip
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